Professor Geneviève Bassellier zu Forschungsaufenthalt am BAS-Lehrstuhl / heute Forschungsvortrag (auch online)


Forschungsvortrag am 21.11.2018 um 16:30 Uhr im Regionalzentrum Frankfurt und online

Professor Geneviève Bassellier, PhD, Associate Professor of Information Systems an der Desautels Faculty of Management der McGill University in Montreal, Kanada, weilt diese Woche für einen Forschungsaufenthalt am BAS-Lehrstuhl. Gemeinsam mit Professor Bassellier arbeiten wir an Forschungsprojekten zu IT-Adoption.

Im Rahmen ihres Forschungsaufenthalts wird Professor Bassellier des Weiteren einen Vortrag zum Thema "Leadership & Contribution Behavior in Online Communities" halten. Die Veranstaltung findet am Mittwoch, 21.11.2018, um 16:30 Uhr im Regionalzentrum Frankfurt im Raum "Hauptwache" sowie als Hybridmeeting (https://emeeting.fernuni-hagen.de/bassellier/) statt. Der Vortrag ist öffentlich.

Zusammenfassung: Voluntary contributions from active members are critical for the sustainability of online communities (OCs). Yet how contributions evolve when individuals transition from OC members to OC leaders is not well understood. We study this phenomenon in the context of the Wikipedia Request for Adminship (RfA) process, where any Wikipedia editor can seek promotion to admin status. Using data on 3664 RfA events held between 2004 - 2013 and the user contribution data of the 2768 unique candidates involved, we model a regression discontinuity design to identify and estimate the causal impact of becoming an admin on candidates' subsequent contributions. We find that one month after RfAs, candidates who barely won their RfA bids contribute more than the counterfactual scenario where they do not win their RfA. However, the observed difference in contribution may be due to a disproportionately negative impact on unsuccessful candidates compared to successful candidates. We discuss implications of these results for leadership and sustainability of online communities.

Lehrstuhl Smolnik | 17.12.2018