Assessing IT Management's Performance: A Design Theory for Strategic IT Benchmarking
Ebner, Katharina
Müller, Benjamin
Urbach, Nils
Riempp, Gerold
Krcmar, Helmut
Beiträge in referierten Zeitschriften
erschienen in:
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Band 63, Ausgabe 1, 2016, S. 113-126. {Link}

Given the continued economic pressure on IT organizations, the effective and efficient deliv- ery of IT remains a crucial issue for IT executives in order to optimize their department’s performance. Due to company specifics, however, an absolute assessment of IT organiza- tions’ performance has often proven difficult in the past. Consequently, many IT executives revert to comparative assessments such as IT benchmarking. IT benchmarking has been in- creasingly used to support IT management, also on a strategic level. While past research on such strategic IT benchmarking (SITMB) often focused on process models and optimal peer group composition, many practitioners repeatedly report problems with identifying or devel- oping suitable methods for collecting the data needed for SITBM. We introduce a design the- ory for SITBM methods and illustrate how we derived the theory from a SITBM project over a period of 10 years. During that time, the method from which we abstract our design theory was applied in 102 different companies. We contribute to practice and theory by not only reporting a field-tested method for SITBM, but also by providing a design theoretical basis on how to develop such a method.

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