Mathematikberichte 1999

Band 66

  • Hypermodules and Non-Archimedian Banach Spaces,
    Ralf Kemper
  • Algebraic Convexity - A Bed Time Story,
    H. Röhrl
  • A Non-Jordan-Measurable Regularity Open Subset of the Unit Interval,
    R. Börger
  • A homotopy 2-groupoid from a fibration,
    K.H. Kamps, T. Porter
  • Geometrische Wahrscheinlichkeiten und Projektionsfunktionen,
    B. Felten
  • La mesurabilité de la famille des systèmes formés par un point et par trois planes de l´espace affine A_3,
    G. Santoro
  • Testing the Poisson optimal Time of open Passage at a Bottleneck controlled by Traffic Lights,
    O. Moeschlin, C. Poppinga
  • On the Multivariate Modulus of Continuity and a Theorem of Lupas and Müller,
    P. Kubach
  • A note on completeness of the complexity space,A
    S. Romaguerra, M. Schellekens
  • On the Mean Convergence of order P,
    G. Caristi
  • Ein Reduktionssatz für meromorphe relative Inverse linearer Operatorfunktionen,
    A. Hoefer
  • Infinite Sums and a Riesz Type Decomposition,
    C. Pumplün
  • A Decomposition Theoretical Characterization of Sufficiency and Completeness,
    D. Plachky
  • Note on Invariant and Almost Invariant Measurable Sets,
    D. Plachky
  • The Chemical Potential of Hard Disks within a Virtual Experiment,
    E. Grycko

Band 67

  • The Classification of Two-dimensional Nonassociative Algebras,
    H.-P. Petersson
  • The Geographic Information Systems as a Tool for Planning the Interventions on the Route Networks,
    F. Corriere
  • Control Charts with Pre-Limits and Run Rules for the Estimate of Cp Capability Index,
    R. Corradetti, E. D. Isaia
  • Locally Optimal Estimation of Functions of the Sample Size in Bernoulli Experiments,
    D. Plachky
  • UMVU Estimation of the Parameters of Power Series Distributions,
    D. Plachky
  • Conservation of Optimality in the Theory of Unbiased Estimators,
    D. Plachky
  • Monadic Convergence Structures,
    W. Gähler
  • General Topology - The Monadic, Case, Examples, Applications
    W. Gähler
  • Totally and Absolutely Convex Lattices
    S. Nörtemann
  • Passive Control of Linear Systems,
    K. Veselic, K. Brabender, K. Delinic

Band 68, Teil 1

Anläßlich des 60. Geburtstages von Herrn Prof. Dr. H. Petersson

  • Outer Inheritance in Jordan Systems
    José A. Anquela, Theresa Cortés
  • Computation of Radicals of Binomial Ideals
    Eberhard Becker, Michael Niermann
  • When Can Points in Convex Sets be Separated by Affine Maps?
    Reinhard Börger
  • Manifolds of Tripotents in JB*-Triples
    Cho-Hu Chu, José M. Isidro
  • Geometrische Wahrscheinlichkeiten für konvexe Rotationskörper im euklidischen Raum E3 (II)
    Andrei Duma, Marius Stoka
  • Compatible Subtriples of Jordan*-Triples
    C. Martin Edwards, Daniel Lörch, Gottfried T. Rüttimann
  • A Note on Triality and Symmetric Compositions
    Alberto Elduque
  • A New Approach to the Representation of the Lorentz Group on the Spinors
    Yaakov Friedmann
  • On the Zelmanovian Classification of Prime JB*-Triples
    A. Moreno Galindo, A. Rodríguez-Palacios

Band 68, Teil 2

Anläßlich des 60. Geburtstages von Herrn Prof. Dr. H. Petersson

  • On the Number of Vertices of an Arrangement of 12 Lines
    Pier Mario Gandini, Andreana Zucco
  • Toeplitz C*-Algebras on Domains of Invertibility
    U. Hagenbach, Harald Upmeier
  • An Alternative Identity of Degree 5
    Irvin R. Hentzel, Erwin Kleinfeld
  • On the Vector-Fields Formula for Lie Algebra of Homogeneous Space
    Isaiah Kantor
  • On Grassmannians Associated with JB*-Triples
    Wilhelm Kaup
  • Koecher-Maaß Series for Jacobi Forms
    Aloys Krieg
  • All the Moments and Inverse Moments of the Wishart Distribution
    Gérard Letac, Hélène Massam
  • Stückweise glatte Mengen und der Satz von Stokes: Zur Didaktik der Analysisvorlesung im 3. Semester
    Ottmar Loos
  • On Speciality of Bernstein Jordan Algebras
    M. Concepción López-Díaz, Ivan P. Shestakov, Sergei R. Sverchkov:

Band 68, Teil 3

Anläßlich des 60. Geburtstages von Herrn Prof. Dr. H. Petersson

  • Nachrichten von Büchern und Menschen: Chingtze C. Tsen
    Falko Lorenz
  • Involutions on Rectangular Jordan Pairs
    Kevin McCrimmon
  • On a Formula of Frobenius
    Kurt Meyberg
  • On the Tensor Product of Two Composition Algebras
    Patrick J. Morandi, Susanne Pumplün
  • Cogenerators and Injective Objects in Categories of Partially Ordered Convex Modules
    Stefan Nörtemann
  • The Universal Compactification of Topological Convex Sets and Modules
    Dieter Pumplün
  • Simple Jordan Superalgebras with Semisimple Even Part
    Michel L. Racine, E. I. Zelmanov
  • Konditional-Verbände
    Frank Rosemeier
  • A Catrgorical Guide to Separation, Compactness and Perfectness
    Walter Tholen
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