Mathematikberichte 2003

Band 74

  • Alternierende Graphenkonstruktionen
    M. Conrad, A. Duma
  • Two-Dimensional Real Division Algebras Revisited
    M. Hübner, H.P. Petersson
  • On Ritz Approximations for Positive Definite Operators I (Theory)
    L. Grubisic, K. Veselic
  • On a Construction of Bipartite Euler Graphs
    M. Conrad
  • Residually Small Varieties Without Rank
    Hans-E. Porst
  • Drei Beweise für den Brouwerschen Fixpunktsatz
    F. Locher, M.-R. Skrzipek, K. Zeller
  • Continuous DCPOs as Complete Information Systems
    A. Pultr, A. Tozzi
  • A Neutral Algorithm for the Reconstruction of Space-Time Correlated Series
    S. Puca, B. Tirozzi
  • Lyapunov Optimization of a Damped System
    S.J. Cox, I. Nakic, A. Rittmann, K. Veselic
  • Mathematical Models of Shuttle Systems
    A. Hajiyev
  • Convex Effect Algebras and Partially Ordered Positively Convex Modules
    D. Pumplün, H. Röhrl
  • Indecomposable Forms of Higher Degree
    S. Pumplün
  • The Number of Nonisomorphic Two-Dimensional Algebras over a Finite Field
    H.P. Petersson, M. Scherer
  • The Tensor Product of Orthomodular Posets
    R. Börger
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