Mathematikberichte 2012

Band 85

  • Some quantum mechanical evidence for the amplification of thermal noise in an electrostatic field
    E. Grycko, W. Kirsch, T. Mühlenbruch
  • Rekonfiguration von Polygonen
    U. Bäsel, A. Duma
  • Semantic graphs
    G. Restuccia, M. Paratore
  • Zur Dynamik chronischer Krankheiten **
    R. Brinks
  • Spectral norms of powers of certain companion matrices and bounds for zeros of lacunary polynomials
    H. Linden
  • Vector and Banach lattices
    A. W. Wickstead
  • Ergänzungen zu einem einfachen Erkrankungsmodell **
    R. Brinks
  • Albert Algebras
    H. P. Petersson
  • Measure of long segments intersecting both sides of a kite as a basis for arbitrary pairs of segments
    R. Böttcher
  • Commuting U-operators in Jordan algebras
    J. A. Anquela, T. Cortés, H. P. Petersson
  • Lifshitz tails for a percolation model in the continuum
    W. Kirsch, H. Najar

** Beitrag nur in Print-Version verfügbar.


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