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International Virtual Mobility in Educational Sciences

Funded by the DAAD International Virtual Academic Collaboration (IVAC) program

In the Virtual Mobility Track of their M.A. in educational sciences, students from OUNL in the Netherlands, JYU in Finland and the FernUniversität in Hagen work collaboratively in mixed groups to design, present and evaluate their media products for education.

Course Workflow

First, students develop an educational concept for their digital media product in international teams and get feedback on it from peers and instructors. The next step involves designing a prototype of the educational solution. Each team’s performance is mentored by a facilitator, who troubleshoots and promotes collaboration, if needed. What is more, student teams can exchange ideas and learn from each other. When the prototype is ready, it is presented, evaluated, discussed and reflected on in mixed groups. Throughout the course, students not only acquire (media)didactic competencies, but also practise and perfect international collaboration skills in a flexible online environment.

The Virtual Mobility Track promotes interaction with teachers and learners from different universities, cultures, and contexts.

Tools employed

Moodle LMS (presentation of course content, organizing student (group)work, support, feedback and assessment), FernUni Zoom (seminars, face-to-face groupwork, presentation and collaboration sessions), MS Teams (instructors’ coordination meetings, course design/support, cooperation, weekly facilitator MS Teams meetings)

Course Experience

“Thanks to English as the course language and the guidance by lecturers of all universities, we were simply a community – heterogeneous in career experience, age, mother tongue, place of work etc., but equal in position and participation in this professional project. […] All of us were there together, struggling with technical challenges, forming, storming, norming and performing together, meeting in different formats and exchanging opinions and insights […] Everyone was a producer and an evaluator at the same time.”


Prof. Sandra Hofhues, Kateryna Holubinka

Academic field/degree program(s):

M.A. Bildung und Medien: eEducation


5 - 15


Open Universiteit, the Netherlands (OUNL) and University of Jyväskylä, Finland (JYU)

Christian Helbig | 13.08.2021