Mathematikberichte 1980

Seminarberichte Band 6

A Unified Treatment of Transfinite Constructions

G. M: Kelly

Coalition Formation in Simple Games with Dominant Players

Bezalel Peleg

The Algebra of Polynomial Functions with Coefficients in a Nonassociative Algebra

Helmut Röhrl

A Characterization of the Ultrafilter Monad

Reinhard Börger

Seminarberichte Band 7

Charles Ehresmann

Andrée Charles Ehresmann

Liste des publications de Charles Ehresmann

Andrée Charles Ehresmann

Constructions de produits tensoriels et machines non-deterministes

René Guitart

On Exact Orbit Sequences

Philip R. Heath, Klaus-Heiner Kamps

Factorization Theorems in Topology and Topos Theory

Peter T. Johnstone

Formal Manifolds and Synthetic Theory of Jet Bundles

Anders Kock

A Non-Commutative Gelfand-Naimark Theorem

Christopher J. Mulvey

Preservation of Coproducts by Set-Valued Functors

Reinhard Börger

An Extension Theorem for Monoidal Closed Topological Categories

Georg Greve

Lokal injektive Abelsche Gruppen und internes Coprodukt Abelscher Gruppen

Roswitha Harting

An Injective Characterization of Compact Metrizable Spaces and Peano Spaces

Burkhard Hoffmann

Essentialy Complete T0-Spaces

Rudolf-E. Hoffmann

Center and Trace

Harald Lindner

Initial Morphisms and Monomorphisms

Dieter Pumplün

Varietal Hulls of Functors

Günther Richter

Syntaktische Kategorien und Wortprobleme

Michael M. Richter
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