Mathematikberichte 1986

Seminarberichte Band 24

Convenient Vector Spaces for Differentiation Theory

Alfred Frölicher, Andreas Kriegl

A Model for Dimensional Analysis

Anders Kock

Enriched Functional Analysis

L. D. Nel

On Isbell's Approach to the Unit Ball of C (X) as an Abstract Algebra

Z. Semadeni

Seminarberichte Band 25

P-adic Valued Measures are Atomic

Reinhard Börger

An Observation about Group Axioms

Reinhard Börger, Dieter Kutzner

Saks-Räume, gemischte Topologien und schwache Abschnittskonvergenz in FK-Räumen

Johann Boos

Nachweis der Konvexität und b-Äquivalenz der Cesàro-Verfahren mittels Quotientendarstellungen

Johann Boos, Rolf Neuser

On Finsler Manifolds with Complete Horizontal Leaves

Sorin Dragomir

Homotopies of Nullhomotopies in a Module Category I

Keith Hardie, Peter Hilton

On Homotopy over a Fixed Space

Keith Hardie, Klaus Heiner Kamps

On Jacobi Methods for Singular Value Decompositions

V. Hari, Kresemir Veselic

Unbiased Set-Valued Estimators with Minimal Risk

Helmut Meister, Otto Moeschlin

A Spectral Theory of the Klein-Gordon Equation Involving a Homogeneous Electric Field

Kresemir Veselic
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