Mathematikberichte 1987

Seminarberichte Band 26

On the Bisectional Curvature of the Manifolds

Giovanni Battista Rizza

Symmetric Complex Manifolds, Dianalitic Structures and Klein Manifolds

Francesco Succi

Attraktivität holomorpher Grenzzyklen

Harald Holmann

Motivations and Preparations to Develop a Cohomology Theory for Subalgebras and Submodules

Klaus-Werner Wiegmann

Complex Symmetric Spaces

Ralf Lehmann

Automorphisms of Compact Riemann Surfaces of Genus 4

Wolfgang Radtke

On Finsler Manifolds with Complete Horizontal Leaves

Sorin Dragomir

Eine Bemerkung zu einer Arbeit von H. E. Rauch

Andrei Duma

Seminarberichte Band 27

On Ricci Tensors of Kaehlerian Weyl Manifolds

L. Maria Abatangelo, Sorin Dragomir

Disjoint and Universal Coproducts I

Reinhard Börger

On the Left Adjoint from Complete Upper Semilattices to Frames

Reinhard Börger

Convenient Affine Algebraic Varieties

Paul Cherenack

On the Convergence of the Eberlein Method for Diagonalizing Arbitrary Complex Matrices

Andreas Erdmann

A Whitehead Product for Track Groups

Keith A. Hardie, A. V. Jansen

A Note on the Cube of the Puppe Operator

Keith A. Hardie, A. V. Jansen

The Homotopy Category of Homotopy Factorizations

Keith A. Hardie, Klaus Heiner Kamps

Note on the Gluing Theorem for Groupoids and van Kampen's Theorem

Klaus Heiner Kamps

Note on Contractibility and Cofibrations

Klaus Heiner Kamps

Trace Minimization and the Definiteness of Symmetric Matrix Pairs

E. Kovac-Striko, Kresemir Veselic

On a Closedness Property of Unbiased Estimators with Minimal Risk

Helmut Meister, Otto Moeschlin

Stratified Sampling of n-Dimensional Specimens

J. P. Rasson, M. Hermans, D. Weverbergh

Hereditary Topological Categories and Topological Universes

Friedhelm Schwarz

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