Mathematikberichte 1997

Seminarberichte Band 58

Infinitary Linear Combinations over Valued Fields

R. Börger

The Project Optimization of an Infrastructure of Transportation: The Research of the least Dimension of the Representation Space of the Synthetic Indicators

F. Corriere, D. Lo Bosco, F. G. Praticò

On the Singular Value Decomposition of Matrices Generated by Finite Elements

Z. Drmac, K. Veselic

Extended Fuzzy Topologies. Part II, Characterizing Notions

W. Gähler, A. S. Abd-Allah, A. Kandil

A Homotopy 2-Groupoid of a Topological Space

K. A. Hardie, K. H. Kamps, R. W. Kieboom

p-Banach Spaces and p-Totally Convex Spaces V

R. Kemper

Seminarberichte Band 59

Extended Fuzzy Topologies, Part III

W. Gähler, A. S. Abd-Allah, A. Kandil

Weighted Mean Operators on l p and the Inequalities of Hardy and Copson

K.-G. Grosse-Erdmann

Is the Axiom of Choice true for Fuzzy Sets?

N. V. E. S. Murthy

Composition Algebras over Rings of Fractions Revisited

S. Pumplün

Seminarberichte Band 60

Is the Axiom of Choice True for Fuzzy Sets

N. V. E. S. Murthy

Problems of Buffon Type for "Non-small" Needles

A. Duma

Extended Fuzzy Topologies, Part III, Closedness and Compactness

W. Gähler, A. S. Abd-Allah, A. Kandil

An Entropic Approach to Uncertainy

E. Grycko

Quaternion Algebras over Elliptic Curves

S. Pumplün

Direct and Inverse Mean Value Properties of Harmonic Functions with Respect to Ellipsoids

P. Kubach

On the Quasi-Normed Structure of a Kind of Lipschitzian Functions

S. Romaguera, M. Sanchis

Seminarberichte Band 61

On the Characterization of Commutative W *-Algebras

R. Börger

Norms and Determinants of Quaternionic Line Bundels

J. Cleven

Point Derivations for Lipschitz Functions and Clarke´s Generalized Derivative

V. F. Demyanov

A Homotopy Bigroupoid of a Topological Space

K. A. Hardie, K. H. Kamps, R. W. Kieboom

Mathematik und Multimedia

F. Locher

Komprimierung von Bildern

F. Locher

Note on Noetherian Rings

D. Plachky

Convexity Theorems VI. LN-Convex Modules and Representations of N-Distributive Lattices

H. Röhrl

On Fuzzy Sobriety

A. K. Srivastava, A. S. Khastgir

On T0 -Objects in FTS and BFTS

A. K. Srivastava, A. S. Khastgir

Block Diagonalization and the Riccati Equation

E. K. Striko, K. Veselic

Seminarberichte Band 62, Teil 1

Lexicographically Ordered Trees

N. L. Alling

Injectivity Criteria for Modules

R. Börger

A Characterization of the Vietoris Topology

M. M. Clementino, W. Tholen

The Appolonius Contact Problem and Representational Geometry

J. P. Fillmore, M. Paluszny

On a Class of Additive Group Actions on Affine Three-Space

D. R. Finston, S. Walcher

Continuous Time-Varying Linear Systems

S. Fröhler, U. Oberst

The Ascoli Theorem is Equivalent to the Axiom of Choice

H. Herrlich

On a Casimir Element of a Finite Group

P. Kellersch, K. Meyberg

Product-Trace-Rings and a Question of S. Garfinkel

R. Kemper

Embedding Topological Absolutely Convex Spaces into Topologic Vector Spaces

C. Kirschner

Seminarberichte Band 62, Teil 2

A Category of Chu-Spaces which is Equivalent to Ban1op

H. Kleisli

The Maaß Space for the Non-Trivial Multiplier System Over the Hurwitz Quaternions

A. Krieg

The Hahn-Banach Theorem for Partially Ordered Totally Convex, Positively Convex and Superconvex Modules

S. Nörtemann

Skew-Primitive Elements of Quantum Groups and Braided Lie Algebras

B. Pareigis

Albert Division Algebras in Characteristic Three Contain Cyclic Cubic Subfields

H. P. Petersson

Non-Associative Gröbner Bases

F. L. Pritchard

Absolutely Convex Modules and Saks Spaces

D. Pumplün

The Witt Ring of a Brauer-Severi Variety

S. Pumplün

The Explicit Jump Immersed Interface Method: Finite Difference Methods for PDE with Piecewise Smooth Solutions

A. Wiegmann, K. P. Bube

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