Mathematikberichte 1998

Seminarberichte Band 63, Teil 1

anläßlich der Emeritierung von Herrn Prof. Dr. D. Pumplün

A Syntactic Characterization of Locally Generated and Locally Multigenerated Categories

J.Adámek, M. Hébert, J. Rosicky

Closure Operators and Fuzzy Connectedness

I. W. Alderton, G. Castellini

Klein Coverings of compact Klein surfaces

A. F. Arias

Radical Assignments and Radical Classes

K. I. Beidar, R. Wiegandt

Binary Nearness Spaces

H. L. Bentley

MOn Suprema of Continuous Functions

R. Börger

On Ramified Double Covering Maps of Riemann Surfaces

E. Bujalance, G. Gromadzki

Spaces with differential structure and an application to cosmology

P. Cherenack, P. Ntumba

Finitely Coordinated and Finitely Copresentable Affine Algebraic Sets

Y. Diers

Smooth Neighbourhood Deformation Retracts

B. Dugmore

Ein Problem vom Buffontyp für einen konvexen Körper und ein Trapez als Fundamentalzelle

A. Duma

OCategorial Concepts for Logical Systems and Formal Specification in Computer Science

H. Ehrig, A. Martini, U. Wolter

Seminarberichte Band 63, Teil 2

anläßlich der Emeritierung von Herrn Prof. Dr. D. Pumplün

A survey of some recent constructions that lead to complete arcs in Galois projective planes

G. Faina, M. Giulietti

Topological, Simplicial and Categorical Joins

R. Fritsch , M. Golasinski

Simplicial and Categorical Diagrams, and their Equivariant Applications

R. Fritsch, M. Golasinski

Contributions to fuzzy analysis

W. Gähler, S.Gähler

Die zweidimensionalen reellen Divisionsalgebren

E. Gottschling

Convexity and Effect Algebras

St. Gudder

Statistical morphisms and concepts of sufficiency

H. Heyer

Seminarberichte Band 63, Teil 3

anläßlich der Emeritierung von Herrn Prof. Dr. D. Pumplün

Algorithmical Description of the Calculation of the Elementary Symmetric Functions which are Defined by a Composable Form

H.-J. Hoehnke

A class of spaces in which every closed subset is the fixed point set of an autohomeomorphism

K. H. Hofmann

A note on the G-topology

R.-E. Hoffmann

Stability of Holomorphic Foliations with Singularities and Analytic Leaf Spaces

H. Holmann, B. Kaup, H.-J. Reiffen

Three Examples in Real Geometry

F. Ischebeck

Galois theory in symmetric monoidal categories

G. Janelidze, R. Street

The Injective Completeness and Other Properties of Certain Categories of Commutative Semigroups

Y. Katsov

Special Objects and Morphisms in the Category of Hypermodules

R. Kemper

Totally convex Chu-spaces

H. Kleisli

Transfer Operators and State Spaces for Discrete Multidimensional Linear Systems

S. Kleon, U. Oberst

Superconvexity and part-completeness

U. Krause

On hereditarily compact quasi-pseudometrizable spaces

H.-P. A. Künzi, S. Romaguera

Filterunitopic Spaces

D. Leseberg

Ein Scholion zum Satz 90 von Hilbert

F. Lorenz

Seminarberichte Band 63, Teil 4

anläßlich der Emeritierung von Herrn Prof. Dr. D. Pumplün

Polynomials which minimize certain functionals

A. Lupas

Lower bounds for the immersion dimension of real Grassmann manifolds

K. H. Mayer

The Hahn-Banach Theorem for Totally and Absolutely Convex Lattices

St. Nörtemann

Symplectic and almost complex structures on differentiable spaces

U. Oesing, K. Spallek

Definability and Finite Cardinals

O. A. Ortega

The Symplectic Structure of Differentiable Optimization Problems with Equality Constraints

D. Pallaschke

Fourier Transforms over Finite Quantum Groups

B. Pareigis

The Albert Algebra of Generic Matrices

H. P. Petersson

A Refinement Concerning Classical Premeasure Extensions

D. Plachky

On the Roots of A Class of Lifting Polynomials

N. Popescu, A. Zaharescu

Some Algebraically Topological Aspects in the Realm of Convenient Topology

G. Preuß

The Witt group of symmetric bilinear forms over a Brauer-Severi variety with values in a line bundle


Seminarberichte Band 63, Teil 5

anläßlich der Emeritierung von Herrn Prof. Dr. D. Pumplün

L'application de Poincare holomorphe

M. Rech

Convexity Theories VII. Discrete G-Convex Moduls

H. Röhrl

Invariant Tori in the Perturbation Theory of Weakly Non-degenerate Integrable Hamiltonian Systems

H. Rüssmann

Generation of Weight Functions for Orthogonal Polynomials

M.-R. Skrzipek

On Certain Initial Completions in Fuzzy Topology

A. K. Srivastava, A. Choubey

Free Adjunction of Morphisms

L. Schröder, H. Herrlich

Braids among the groups

R. Street

Tauber-Sätze und der Satz von Hahn-Banach

H.Tietz, K. Zeller

Maps in General Topology and Elsewhere

W. Tholen

Jordan Algebras and Quantum Physics

H. Upmeier

Interior Operators in General Categories

S. J. R. Vorster

Estimating the operator exponential

K. Veselic

Multi-Parameter Symmetries of First Order Ordinary Differential Equations

S. Walcher

Über eine Kurve von Macbeath

K. Wohlfahrt

A Note on Central Extensions of Universal Algebras

G. Janelidze, M. Kelly

Invariant and Cyclic States for Economic Sytems

M. Squillante, A. G. S.Ventre

Seminarberichte Band 64

On two Epireflective Subcategories of the Category of 2T0 -Fuzzy Bitopological Spaces

Anuruddha S. Khastgir, Arun K. Srivastava

Regularity Results for the Composition of Symbols of Pseudodifferential Operators with Smooth Functions

D. Delbosco, F. Rossati

An Integral Operator Preserwing Meromorphic Starlike Functions

E. Draghici

The Solid Topology in Double Sequence Spaces

M. Zeltser

The Directional Knot Point Behavior of Nearly all Continuous on Id

P. M. Gandini

Matrix Transformations Involving Analytic Double Sequence Spaces

M. Zeltser

A Fibrewise Theory in a Quasitopos

K. Ch. Min, Y. S. Kim, J. W. Park

The Essentially Algebraic Theory of Horn Classes

H.-E. Porst

Approach Groups

R. Lowen, B. Windels

On the Asymptotic Behavior of a Stochastic Process

E. Grycko

Productivity of Coreflective Classes

Miroslav Hušek

On the Classical and the Zygmund Modulus of Continuity

P. Kubach

Dual Recurence and Christoffel-Darboux-Type Formulas for Orthogonal Polynomials

M.-R. Skrzipek

Seminarberichte Band 65

L-Fuzzy Spectrum

N. V. E. S. Murthy, P. G. Prasad

Topological absolutely convex spaces

C. Kirschner

Bemerkungen zur Viereckslehre

R. Fritsch

Grids and the Arithmetics of Jordan Pairs

H. Petersson

Examinations on the Evaluation of Linear Combinations of Szegö Polynomials

M.-R. Skrzipek

On the derivatives of random functions

G. Caristi, M. Ferrara

L'optimisation du projet d'un noeud ferroviaire complexe: La proposition d'un modele mathematique

F. Corriere, D. Lo Bosco

Controling Traffic Lights at a Bottleneck: The Objective Function and its Properties

E. Grycko, O. Moeschlin

Simulated Annealing for almost sure convergent Random Sequences

C. Poppinga

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