Mathematikberichte 2000

Band 69

  • Pure Injectives and the Spectrum of the Cohomology Ring of a Finite Group
    D. Benson, H. Krause
  • Fibrations of Bigroupoids
    K.A. Hardie, K.H. Kamps, R.W. Kieboom
  • An Integral Representation of Bimonotone Functions
    D. Plachky
  • Infinite Length Modules (I) - Some Examples as Introduction
    C.M. Ringel
  • On N-Summations, I
    J. Fillmore, D. Pumplün, H. Röhrl
  • Regulary Open Sets with Boundary of Positive Volume
    I. Netuka
  • Quaternion Algebras over Curves and Functio Fields of Genus 1
    S. Pumplün
  • Bounds for Zeros of Polynomial Using Traces and Determinants
    H. Linden
  • Measurability of a Family of Linear Varieties
    G. Raguso, L. Rella
  • Über eine Zufallsvariable, die einer Familie von Hyperellipsoiden zugeordnet ist
    A. Duma, M. Stoka
  • The Category $C/nu_{D_0,N}$ -Cmod and MP
    H. Röhrl
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