Mathematikberichte 2015

Band 87

  • Noli turbare circulos meos -- a mathematical tribute to Reinhard Börger
    W. Tholen
  • In grateful memory of Reinhard Börger
    R. Kemper
  • Banach limits revisited
    D. Pallaschke, D. Pumplün
  • Outer automorphisms of algebraic groups and a Skolem-Noether theorem for Albert algebras
    S. Garibaldi, H. P. Petersson
  • Note on a 1-colouring game on paths and cycles
    S. D. Andres, R. Börger
  • Limits and colimits of quantaloid-enriched categories and their distributors
    L. Shen, W. Tholen
  • Kan extensions and cartesian monoidal categories
    R. Street
  • Nowhere-zero flows in regular matroids and Hadwiger's conjecture
    L. A. Goddyn, W. Hochstättler
  • Towards a flow theory for the dichromatic number
    W. Hochstättler
  • Eine Reminiszenz an Professor Reinhard Börger
    E. Grycko, W. Kirsch, T. Mühlenbruch
  • A note on the digraph parameters lightness and weight and their duals heaviness and mass
    S. D. Andres
  • Operations with binders vis-à-vis operations with equations
    J. Power, D. Schmitter
  • Über ein Paradoxon bei der Preisgestaltung in Versorgungssystemen
    H. Meister


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